Isopharm PDP


Isopharm’s automated PDP functionality enables the completion of compliance goals alongside enhancing your knowledge. This is achieved by performing a SWOT analysis to identify the areas that may affect your progress and allows successful planning and provides learning goals throughout your CPD cycle. Once your PDP is set up you can benefit from several Isopharm features.

  • Unique Transitional CPD Tracker
  • Highly Recommended and Recommended GDC topic progress
  • Upload external certificates and allocate to relevant topics
  • Unique Realtime Dashboard
  • View recent activities and overview of your 5-year cycle
  • Automated GDC Reporting and Annual Statements

All GDC registered subscribers have access to our new Enhanced CPD features at no extra cost, still only £36 a year.

What is a Personal Development Plan?

A Personal Development Plan (PDP) is a continuous cycle of self-reflection, recording, and action. The purpose of a PDP is to encourage individuals to learn to develop themselves and plan for the future by becoming more aware of their capabilities and the opportunities within the dental practice.

So, why is Personal Development Plan (PDP) needed, and what must this include?

For the GDC Enhanced CPD scheme, which started on January 2018 for Dentists and August 2018 for Dental Care Professionals, one of the main changes to the scheme made by the GDC is a requirement for all Dental Care Professionals to have a Personal Development Plan (PDP);

For the GDC, your PDP must include:

  • The CPD you plan to undertake during your cycle; which must include CPD that is relevant to your current or intended field(s) of practice.
  • The anticipated development outcomes that will link to each activity.
  • The timeframes within which you expect to complete your CPD over your cycle.

Please note: Having a PDP in place assures the GDC that your CPD activity supports your work as a Dental Care Professional. The GDC may ask to see your PDP to check you are keeping records which meet the minimum requirements as set out above. 

What are the benefits to having a Personal Development Plan (PDP)?

A PDP is a way of highlighting and identifying your learning development needs in an effective way. It gives you an opportunity to think about your CPD and plan accordingly to your development needs and for you to carefully consider your role as a Dental Care Professional.

The GDC encourages you to regularly review your plan as it relates to your role and daily practice.

Remember your PDP is not a race it’s your career!

By Rick Craven