Mandating of Electronic FP17 Transmissions


As of the 1st May 2019 the NHS Business Services Authority have advised that all FP17/FP170 submissions for new courses of treatment will have to be completed electronically.

What does this mean to Dental Practices who have until now completed all their claims via paper forms?

The Business Service Authority have advised:

Prior to the ceasing of paper FP17s, practices must make a decision on one of the following options:

  • Purchase a practice management system from one of the current Web EDI suppliers.

A list of these suppliers can be found on their website click here >

  • Use the online form that the NHSBSA has developed within the Compass system. This is a direct free replacement of the paper FP17/FP17O and is available now.

Help and guidance can be found on their website on the ‘FP17 processing and payments’ Click here >

Practices can contact the NHS Business Services regarding electronic form submissions via there Contact Centre click here >

Below is correspondence sent out on the 14th November 2018 & 10th January 2019 by the NHS Business Services informing practices of this change.

14th November 2018 Click here >

10th January 2019 Click here >

ByRick Craven