NHS Claiming Guidance for Dental Performers

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Course Details:

This claiming guidance is intended to be used as a guide only and is designed to assist Dentists in interpreting the regulations better as well as better understand their responsibilities to the key dental regulations which relate to the delivery of clinical services to patients and UDA activity.  

It is well recognised that there are ‘grey areas’ of ambiguity within the NHS regulations. This guidance aims to clarify any concerns or issues that may be present to ensure that this enables clinicians to have a better understanding and a consistent approach to claiming on the NHS.       

Dentists are advised to refer to the regulations at all times in the event of any disputes arising. 

Dentists will also need to exercise their clinical judgment in delivering clinical services to patients, as clinical guidance and policy may change in the future.

You will be presented with a short presentation followed by an assessment.

If you achieve 80% or more, you will pass the course and receive a printable certificate in your CPD folder. If you do not pass, you will have the opportunity to review the content and retake the assessment when you feel confident.


This course aims to help develop Dentists understanding around NHS contracts and NHS rules and regulations in respect to claiming.


Learners will be able to:

  • Demonstrate confidence and consistency when submitting NHS dental claims
  • Demonstrate knowledge of NHS claim regulations  
  • Demonstrate an awareness of how Area Teams and Health Boards might monitor contracts  
  • Describe the criteria for submitting valid NHS dental claims 

Learning Outcomes:

The learner understands:

  • NHS rules and regulations 
  • Different types of NHS contracts  
  • Contract Monitoring 
  • Regulation 11 Claims
  • Charge-free treatments 
  • Ethical responsibilities for registered dental professionals