Health & Safety

Risk Assessment

Contributes 45 minutes to your CPD


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Course Details:

This course intends to provide a solid base for understanding risk assessments in the workplace to develop the topic's skills and experience further. 

You will be presented with a short presentation followed by an assessment. 

If you achieve 80% or more, you pass the course and will receive a  printable certificate to place in your CPD folder. If you do not pass, you will have the opportunity to review the content and retake the assessment when you feel confident. 


The course aims to provide information and instruction to raise awareness for the fundamental legal requirement needed and the importance of undertaking a robust risk assessment to improve the workplace environment keeping people safe continuously.


Learners will: 

  • Identify the main legal requirements for risk assessment
  • Understand the need for risk assessments
  • Identify and explain common definitions associated with the risk assessment process and what they mean practically
  • Understand the various steps in the process to produce a suitable and sufficient risk assessment

Learning Outcomes:

Learners will: 

  • Have gained the knowledge to return to their working environments to commence assessing the workplace
  • Be able to build experience in the risk assessment process to become competent in this duty