Practice Management

Significant Event Analysis

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Course Details:

This course takes an in-depth look at how to effectively manage significant event analysis within the practice.

You will be presented with a short presentation followed by an assessment.

If you achieve 80% or more you pass the course and will receive a printable certificate to place in your CPD folder. 

If you do not pass, you will have the opportunity to review the content and take the assessment again when you feel confident.


The aim of this course is to highlight the need for significant event analysis and reflective learning, defining procedures and processes to provide continuous improvement.


Learners will be able to:

  • Plan and develop policies considering the outcomes of significant event analysis.
  • Create procedures for the communication of significant event analysis outcomes.
  • Ensure findings are used to drive continuous improvement.

Learning Outcomes:

The learner understands:

  • How to act upon a significant event.
  • How to record a significant event.
  • How to report a significant event.
  • How to lead the team.