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Online Learning for the Whole Dental Team

Our online training website provides Dentists and registered Dental Care Professionals with everything that you need to comply with Enhanced CPD from the GDC.

With a growing community of over 56,000 subscribers, Agilio iLearn not only provides you and your practice with ECPD compliance, but also the tools to tailor your own learning needs.

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Complete ECPD Compliance

For Our GDC Registered Annual Subscribers


your training with our automated Personal Development Plan (PDP). SWOT analysis allows you to highlight the courses and tasks best suited to your learning goals.


your CPD with our online training courses. We have linked all of our courses to the GDC Development Outcomes for you. Receive your certificates immediately upon successfully completing a course.


on your learning at the end of each course, we will automatically add this to your training records.


your CPD progress automatically as you learn. Our GDC reporting feature allows you to quickly and easily generate your annual and end of cycle reports.

Some of the Benefits of Agilio iLearn:

  • Get your very own CPD Tracker and instantly see how many hours you have completed. Your tracker also automatically shows your transition from the old CPD scheme to ECPD.
  • Manage your own GDC CPD cycle report by uploading external certificates to improve your CPD tracker progress. You can add reflective learning to external courses, which is automatically logged in your training records.
  • Your subscription will automatically renew every twelve months, and we will let you know three weeks before to make sure that you don’t miss out!

Membership and Prices

Choose the option that suits your learning needs


Subscribe & Save, with instant access to ALL of our online verifiable CPD courses.


£37.99 per year

For access to ALL courses

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Pay as you go

Pay as you go, buying the online verifiable CPD courses that you need, when you need them.

Prices range from:

£4.99 - £36.00

Per course

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We offer courses for all your practice needs

Regularly updated and written by experts we pride ourselves in providing quality training guiding you to compliance.

Some of our most popular courses

  • Clinical

    3D Implant Planning and Guided Implant Placement - Part 1

    Contributes 1 hour to CPD

    This course takes an in-depth look at 3D implant planning and guided implant placement to understand the benefits and utilisation of a surgical guide.

  • Clinical

    3D Implant Planning and Guided Implant Placement - Part 2

    Contributes 45 minutes to CPD

    This course takes an in-depth look at 3D implant planning and guided implant placement to understand several advanced possibilities and steps when con...

  • Clinical

    3D Implant Planning and Guided Implant Placement - Part 3

    Contributes 45 minutes to CPD

    This course takes an in-depth look at 3D implant planning and guided implant placement detailing an expert level of possibilities when considering a g...

Create your Personal Development Plan

Confirm your details

Complete your Field of Practice

Perform your SWOT Analysis

Address your learning needs

Summarize your PDP

Start Learning!

“The team find it easy to negotiate the site and find the courses they are looking for.
They also complete their CPD where it suits them, at work or at home.
Isopharm helps to ensure that we are fully updated with legislation changes, and as s a result we feel confident to deliver an excellent level of care to our patients.”

Elizabeth (Principal Dentist)

“For our CPD we looked for something easy to implement and utilise with an approachable company.
I would recommend to others as it helps you to get all the items and information that you need.
The group reporting dashboard is beneficial, everyone’s PDP and CPD details are listed together making it easy to keep track of everyone.”

Julia (Practice Manager)

“All the courses are clear and concise. I find it very useful, especially when learning about testing and validation, to know why the tests are carried out rather than just being told ‘you have to do them’.”


“Very interesting! Will be putting a lot of changes into action within our Decontamination Room on Monday! Thank you so much Isopharm.”


“The practice of testing and validation has changed since I was last active as a dental nurse. These CPD courses are a fantastic refresher, outlining in a clear and informative manner what tests are required now.”


“I love the courses! Every time I do one of the Isopharm courses I feel I am learning how to do everything by the book. It reinforces that I am actually doing everything within the recommended guidelines.”


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    The Team

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    Ethan Rylett
    iLearn Customer Experience Manager

    Ethan is responsible for building loyalty, increasing retention and leading support across the Dental iLearn team.
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    Sophie Gray
    Content Provider

    Over 14 years dental industry experience. GDC registered dental nurse trained by the MOD in conjunction with Kings College London. Sophie leads the development of new courses on iLearn.
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    Claire Wigley
    CQC Compliance Coordinator

    Over 27 years of experience in the Dental sector, both in practice and corporate environments. A member of the Agilio iLearn team, Claire ensures that training content is accurate and up to date.
    Image name

    Samina Farooq
    iLearn Practice Reporting Coordinator

    Samina joined the team in 2019 as Business Development Coordinator, now leading the Practice Reporting team for iLearn interacting with our 750+ practices across the country.
    Image name

    Howard Walker
    Graphics & Studio Manager

    Responsible for Agilio's online graphics and imagery. Also involved with styling and layout for the Agilio range of digital and paper based dental compliance systems.
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