GDC Enhanced CPD
is now live for dentists

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Reflective Learning
for GDC Enhanced CPD compliance
now available after every course!

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Over 100 Verifiable CPD Courses
available right now
for only £36 per year
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Group Sign-Up Service
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& Radiation Protection

Highly Recommended Verifiable CPD
fulfill your five hours here

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Disinfection & Decontamination
Highly Recommended Verifiable CPD
fulfill your five hours here

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Medical Emergencies
Verifiable CPD
nine courses available
(does not include CPR)

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Oral Cancer, Legal & Ethical, Complaints Handling, Safeguarding
plus many more subjects to choose from

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Your Own CPD Tracker
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any time, any place, any device

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Online Learning for the Whole Dental Team

Isopharm will provide you with a professional, interesting and easy way of completing your learning requirements whatever part you play in the Dental team.

Our dental training is offered via E-Learning. We understand that you have to work! You need access to CPD and learning when YOU have time. We are here to help.

Benefits & Highlights

  • Courses are available to fulfill all of your GDC CPD requirements (with the exception of CPR, which we only advocate as hands-on training with a tutor present).
  • Reflective learning for ECPD.
  • Choose to Subscribe or Pay as You Learn.
  • Take courses whenever and wherever you want, our training can be taken on your PC, tablet or smartphone.
  • Get your very own CPD Tracker and instantly see how many hours you have completed.
  • Manage your own GDC CPD cycle report by uploading external certificates to improve your CPD tracker progress.
  • New courses, written by industry experts, are added every month.
  • Your subscription will automatically renew every twelve months, and we will let you know three weeks before to make sure that you don’t miss out!

Membership and Prices


Subscribe & Save, with instant access to ALL of our online verifiable CPD courses.


£36 per annum

For access to ALL courses

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Pay as you go

Pay as you go, buying the online verifiable CPD courses that you need, when you need them.

Prices range from:

£1.49 - £5.99

Per course

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We offer courses for all your practice needs

Regularly updated and written by experts we pride ourselves in providing quality training guiding you to compliance.

Some of our most popular courses

Have an account already?

You can login to your account as normal

There are 2 choices of membership type

If you don't want to subscribe choose 'pay as you learn'

previous results and certificates will be visible in your account

Unless you need to take a course again to stay compliant, all your results will be transferred

Courses are available across all your devices!

“All the courses are clear and concise. I find it very useful, especially when learning about testing and validation, to know why the tests are carried out rather than just being told ‘you have to do them’.”


“Very interesting! Will be putting a lot of changes into action within our Decontamination Room on Monday! Thank you so much Isopharm.”


“The practice of testing and validation has changed since I was last active as a dental nurse. These CPD courses are a fantastic refresher, outlining in a clear and informative manner what tests are required now.”


“The CPD training is brilliant!”


“I don’t recommend you make any changes to the CPD training courses. They are all very easy to understand, and help those with different learning styles.”


“I love the courses! Every time I do one of the Isopharm courses I feel I am learning how to do everything by the book. It reinforces that I am actually doing everything within the recommended guidelines.”


“Made me feel confident that I understand what is required for validating machines.”


“I am a trainee dental nurse and I found the CPD so helpful, easy to read and understand.”


  • Contact Us

    To discuss your requirements
    please use our contact form or call us on

    +44 (0) 800 840 0105

    The Team

    Image name

    Andrew Kemp
    Managing Director

    Founder of Isopharm in 1999. Qualified CP(D) steriliser engineer. Over 20 years experience within decontamination validation for healthcare and pharmaceutical clients.
    Image name

    Paul Ward
    Technical Director

    Over 18 years experience in decontamination validation at Isopharm. Qualified CP(D) steriliser engineer. Author of the Isopharm range of decontamination machine log books.
    Image name

    Sophie Gray
    Dental Compliance Manager

    Over 10 years dental industry experience. GDC registered dental nurse trained by the MOD in conjunction with Kings College London. Leads the dental compliance team, developing new compliance solutions and services.
    Image name

    Charlotte Cash
    Dental Compliance Advisor

    Over 3 years dental industry experience at Isopharm. Involved with compliance product development, comprehensive research, and writing verifiable CPD course material.
    Image name

    Matthew Hardy
    Online CPD Technical Support

    Over 5 years experience at Isopharm. Involved with CPD course creation and supporting clients in achieving their e-learning goals through Isopharm.
    Image name

    Rick Craven
    Online CPD Technical Support

    Involved with CPD course creation and supporting clients in achieving their e-learning goals through Isopharm.
    Image name

    Howard Walker
    Senior Graphic Designer

    Responsible for Isopharm online CPD graphics and imagery. Also involved with styling and layout for the Isopharm range of digital and paper based dental compliance systems.
    Image name

    Dylan Johnson
    Dental Compliance Administrator

    Supporting our clients in achieving their e-learning goals, and increasing awareness of our courses and product offerings via social media channels.
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