Clinical Leadership In The New Normal

Contributes 30 minutes to your CPD


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Course Details:

This course provides you with the knowledge required to apply leadership in the practice and gain positive results.

You will be presented with a short presentation followed by an assessment.

If you achieve 80% or more, you pass the course and will receive a printable certificate to place in your CPD folder. 

If you do not pass, you will have the opportunity to review the content and retake the assessment when you feel confident.


This course aims to upskill clinicians on what great leadership is and how best to lead your practice team as well as learn how to best communicate with your dental team for excellent results.


Learners will be able to:

  • Learn how great leadership can positively impact your practice results
  • communicate why leadership is essential as a clinician and how it can add value to the people you work with
  • Appreciate the skills that are required to be a great clinical leader
  • Learn how to best communicate with everyone in your team 

Learning Outcomes:

The learner understands:

  • Improved confidence as a clinician as to how to talk and listen to your dental colleagues 
  • How to best communicate with your team through effective one to one meetings
  • How to be confident in actively listening to your team so they are loyal to your practice
  • What makes a great leader and how to enhance your current skills to enhance team engagement and patient care in your practice