Enhanced CPD

Enhanced CPD Overview

The General Dental Council’s enhanced CPD scheme commenced in January 2018 for dentists, and August 2018 for all other dental professionals.

The scheme has been designed by the GDC so that dental professionals gain maximum benefit from the CPD activities that they choose to complete.

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The Standards of the Dental Team

Dental professionals should follow the Professional Codes of Conduct from the handbook ‘Standards of the Dental Team’. The enhanced CPD scheme asks you to reflect more on your professional needs, field of practices and your patients, so that CPD activities become meaningful and related to your job role.

Download a copy of Standards for the Dental Team from the GDC website here >


Your Five Year Cycle

This is a table from the GDC website to show what is expected of you:


What You Need to do for the Enhanced CPD Scheme

Plan – A personal development plan should be used to identify your CPD needs which are relevant to your field of practice.

Do – Complete the identified CPD activities. Spread the CPD evenly across your cycle and ensure the CPD relates to the GDC development outcomes (see below for more information)

Reflect – Take some time to review and reflect the CPD activity you have undertaken. The reflection should ensure the CPD has met your maintenance learning needs and relates to your everyday work.

Record – Record all CPD activity which you have completed. The GDC may ask to audit your CPD at the end of a five-year cycle, so it is important to have paperwork such as PDP’s, CPD Certificates and CPD Log readily available.


What is a GDC Development Outcome?

The GDC have designed four new development outcomes (learning outcomes) which relates to CPD and ‘The Standards of the Dental Team’

You should ensure you understand these development outcomes and link them to all CPD activities throughout your cycle. Linking these development outcomes show the GDC that you have related your CPD to your job role and everyday working life

At least one development outcome should be linked per CPD activity.


What CPD Topics Should You Choose?

The GDC still recommends some important CPD topics. However, under these new regulations these topics are not compulsory and the GDC say that you should choose courses suited to your individual needs and field of practice.

View the recommended CPD topics on the GDC website here >

Please Note: Agilio Software recommends that you still follow the list from the GDC CPD topics to ensure other regulations for compliance are covered. For example, if you are working in the clinical environment you should still receive CPD training in Medical Emergencies under the Resuscitation Council guidelines. There are many other regulations to consider when planning CPD.


Verifiable CPD Only

You only need to submit verifiable CPD to the GDC.


What Type of CPD Should You Choose?

The GDC recommends that you choose a diverse range of CPD activities during the planning stages. And also interacting with other dental professionals during CPD activities may enhance learning further.

The CPD activities could be:

  • Course & Lectures
  • Clinical Audits
  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • E-Learning
  • Training Days


Reflective Learning

Academics will tell you that reflection is an essential part of learning. They believe that ‘mindful’ evaluation of learning is essential to embed learning into practice.

Reflective learning will determine whether you have selected the best activities, or if due to changes in the dental profession or advancements in your knowledge and understanding the activities planned originally could be improved upon.

The aim is to think about the outcome of your CPD activity and reflect upon how the CPD activity affects your day to day work. Your PDP may also require changing after a reflective review so bear this in mind.

Reflective learning should be undertaken from 1st January 2018 for dentists under the new GDC Enhanced CPD Scheme.

Agilio iLearn will be guiding you to compliance with Reflective Learning. Our training site will have the key benefits to help you comply with the new changes.


Annual CPD Statement

You will be expected to make a declaration to the GDC at the end of each year with the following details:

  • How many hours of CPD you have completed in the year?
  • Declaration you have kept a record of all CPD?
  • Declaration to say you have a PDP in place?
  • The statement you are providing is full and accurate?


GDC Information

Here are the various forms of documentation available from the GDC’s website:

ECPD Guidance for Professionals >
CPD Provider Guidance >

Further information can be found on the GDC website here >

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